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Quest For Excellence

In this book, I want to show you the way to achieve excellence in the life. There is so much for you to know about the true self that in knowing itself you will march towards excellence. We have been coming across large number of self-help books, which dwell on excellence but looking at today's requirement, where the approach has changed, like before adopting a change a person wants to get convinced that he requires a change, then only he is going to adopt it. It is like working of a doctor, where he first diagnoses the disease by undertaking certain tests and after getting the results, he starts the medication. In this book also, an attempt has been made to measure various aspects of personalities through questionnaires and to find out the present level of self awareness, anger quotient and communication quotient; thereafter suggesting ways and means to improve these aspects, so as to achieve excellence. Now let the study of this book, bring excellence in your life!


  • Foreword , Preface , Acknowledgements


  • What is Excellence
  • Why do we Strive for Excellence
  • How we can Excel

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Manav Kasturi Khushi (Hindi)

Manav Kasturi Khushi by P.K.Mehta

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